Download: The New Version of ToTok App

They’re pleased to introduce a new version of ToTok which includes the following new features and updates:

1. “Last seen” and “Online” statuses as well as “Local Time” are now available.

2. To add some fun to your days during these challenging times, we’ve introduced more emoji rain effects. Haven’t tried emoji rain yet? Type “face mask“, “stay home”, or other similar phrases in any chat, and ta-da, you’ve got an emoji rain. Upgrade to the latest version and have fun with your friends!

Details for Latest version of Totok App

Platform: Android
Release: v1_4_2_235.apk
APK Size: 41MB
Released Time: 2020.03.29 08:39 (UTC +04:00)
Checksum SHA-256: 9db9f83dc23b33fd6bfc85baecb7438c71ffa22ab1f759fefbfac146c29bac05

They have also updated Their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to reflect our latest features and updates that enable the superior user experience and protect data privacy and security.

Is Totok Safe

According to NYTIMES, This App compromising its security with an intelligence – They said more its a surveillance system for specific country in Gulf

What is the issue with Totok

It was available in Appstore of Apple and Play store of google since its data breach and has been removed when they noticed it.

Does Totok App Work on IPhone

The Peoples downloaded before disappearing from appstore still can enjoy. But at the moment there is Totok app that iPhone users can have.

Where is ToTok app available?

Totok App is available only for Android smartphones at their official website or visit our page Totok apk Direct Download link for all versions.

They may ask you to please read the updated Terms of Use and Privacy Policy so you are fully aware of your rights and obligations with respect to your use of ToTok.

As always, if you have any questions, please email them at or

Keep enjoying ToTok.

Team ToTok

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Shah G! The Technologist. I started blogging to jump myself towards to contribute in information.

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