Discover Formentera: The Smallest and Most Charming Of The Balearic Islands

While the Balearic islands of Mallorca, Menorca, and Ibiza have long been popular cruising destinations, for anyone looking for a quieter Mediterranean island, now is the time to discover Formentera. This tiny island south of Ibiza is an ideal choice when chartering a yacht or enjoying a yacht share, offering crystal clear water, beautiful sandy beaches, and a timeless, laid-back vibe. 

Discover Formentera on a Balearic yacht charter

At just 83 km² large, it’s relatively easy to discover Formentera, an island of outstanding beauty and variety, during a Balearic yacht charter. Largely unspoiled, its coastline is high and rocky, while its white sandy beaches and turquoise water are reminiscent of the Caribbean.  Inland, Formentera has well-tended villages, pine forests, grazing sheep and even desert-like lunar landscapes. 

A popular destination to explore by Balearic yacht charter, this tiny island is simultaneously laid-back and sophisticated, welcoming an array of VIP and celebrity visitors to its hippy markets and mouth watering eateries.

Hippy markets and shops

Stepping ashore from your Balearic yacht charter, head to the village of Sant Ferran for its evening handicrafts market in the church square, accompanied by live music. The picturesque town of Pilar de la Mola hosts a hippy market on Wednesdays and Sundays, while the centre of Sant Francesc, in the port city of La Savina, is another excellent place to browse. Discover Formentera’s bustling shops at the former fishing village of Es Pujols, which offer a mix of Ibizan, Italian and Mexican style. The beautiful beach there is also ideal for snorkeling, while the promenade is lined with restaurants, hotels, and nightlife. 

Delicious cuisine

Local cuisine is always a pleasure to discover – Formentera doesn’t disappoint here. Try the Ensalada Payesa, or farmer’s salad, or the Burrida de Ratjada, braised ray with chopped almonds. Formentera lobster is a popular choice, as is Bullit, a rice dish with fish. Meat lovers could go for the Frit de Bestiar, made with lamb. Typical desserts include Flaó, a kind of cheese cake, and Cazuela de Requesón, a traditional dish made with milk.  

To discover Formentera at its best, however, it’s worth waiting for the sunset, where you can sip sundowners made of Hierbas, the local aromatic herb liqueur, from a beachside bar or restaurant.

A perfect ecosystem

Sea-lovers taking a Balearic yacht charter will appreciate just how clean the water is. This is thanks to the Posidonia Oceanica, or Neptune grass, which grows in underwater meadows between Ibiza and Formentera.  The grass cleans the water, binds carbon dioxide, provides oxygen and creates a natural habitat for marine animals such as barracudas, dolphins and sea turtles, forming a perfect ecosystem that was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999.

To get about on land above the water, a fun way to discover Formentera is by bike, which can be rented very cheaply throughout the island.  There are some twenty cycling routes through dunes, vineyards and pine forests, and the good news is, there’s only one hill to worry about, in the area around La Mola. 

With its pristine coastline, lovely beaches and relaxed charm, you’ll love discovering  Formentera on a Balearic yacht charter.

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